September 5, 2010

Many jobs

Speaking with a friend the other day she told me that my husband is "deprived" of sex and that sex is part of my job as a wife.

How does the sex job rate in your marriage?

Just curious..........

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Anonymous said...

Sorry honey, your "friend" is a little screwed up. Sex is part of life. It takes two to have sex. And then there is how you have it. I was never one for the "wham, bam and thank you ma'am" quickie. Don't get me wrong a quickie is good, but it needs to be hot and spontaneous. Not just for the sake of having sex. While married, our sex life was hot and heavy. I think that was partly why we got married. The lust factor. Towards the end of my marriage I felt like I was being used, there was no feeling there, just the act. Sex is not only physical, there is the mental side. Being in each others head and enjoying each other. As Mike how he feels as sex is something that should be discussed. Some people lose interest. And some people will have sex till the Viagra stops kicking in, that is if you are one of the unfortunate that require the little blue pill. Some of us are blessed. : )